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Erin offers an evocative performance of fire and rhythm. Her dance routines require the technical skill that comes from years of dedicated practice.

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Safety Precautions

Any use of fire in a performance adds a certain amount of danger. This is part of the appeal, but there are things that any performer can do to minimize that risk. This section deals with some of those basic steps that we take to ensure the safety of ourselves, our audience, and your venue.

Performer Safety

All of our performers are well practiced in their art. However, accidents can happen. All of our costumes are made from cotton or duvatine, a fire-resistant material used by many thatrical groups. Synthetic blends are never used, because burns are made much worse when plastic melts into the skin. While graphic, it's important that any performer realizes this important safety step: never use synthetic blends in costumes.

All of our members are trained not only as performers, but as safeties. A safety is someone who is constantly on watch for any dangerous situations during a spin. Their duties include keeping the performer and audience safe. If any fuel ignites on the performer, they will draw the performer's attention to the problem, or in more extreme situations extinguish the problem. Further, they are in charge of the "out towels", thick, fire resistant cloth that we use to extinguish tools that may burn too long. Finally, in the event of an open venue, safeties also make sure that the crowd is a safe distance from performers.

Insurance and Permit Information

Our troupe is covered through performers of the US. The policy's limits of coverage meets the requirements of the entertainment industry for the fairs, festivals, parades and most venues ($5,000,000). In addition, some states require a fire permit from the local fire department if any performance is to be done on public land. Privately owned land is usually excluded from this requirement.

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